March 13, 2023

GPT-4: An Evolutionary

GPT-4: An Evolutionary Step in Language Modeling, Not a Revolution OpenAI’s GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) models have taken the field of natural language processing (NLP) by […]
March 11, 2023

Apple shareholders reject proposals

Apple shareholders recently rejected proposals put forth by conservative groups at the company’s annual shareholder meeting. These proposals, which aimed to influence Apple’s policies on issues […]
March 11, 2023

Tesla 4680 battery’s secret sauce

Tesla 4680 battery’s secret sauce Tesla’s innovation in electric vehicle technology isn’t limited to its sleek designs and impressive driving range. The company has also been […]
February 11, 2023

ChatGPT Frenzy Sweeps China

The ChatGPT frenzy in China has created a new wave of interest in artificial intelligence and language processing. As firms in the country scramble to reduce […]
February 11, 2023

SMIC 2022 Revenue and Weak Outlook

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), one of China’s largest chipmakers, recently warned of a weak outlook despite reporting record revenue in 2022. According to the company’s […]
February 10, 2023

TikTok Inquiry: Examining User Privacy and Security Concerns

The French Senate TikTok Inquiry: Examining User Privacy and Security Concerns. TikTok, the popular social media platform that allows users to create and share short videos, […]
February 8, 2023

Bard vs ChatGPT: Understanding Google’s AI Chatbot

Bard vs ChatGPT AI chatbots have become an integral part of many businesses’ customer service operations. With their ability to handle customer queries quickly and efficiently, […]
February 5, 2023

Fantop Tech Academy’s

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. From communication to entertainment, from education to commerce, technology has revolutionized the way we live and […]
February 2, 2023

ChatGPT Takes the World by Storm: Fastest Growing User Base in History

Introduction:ChatGPT, the AI-powered language model developed by OpenAI, has been making waves in the tech world. With its advanced natural language processing capabilities, ChatGPT has quickly […]
January 31, 2023

Spotify Shocks the World

Spotify Technology SA recently announced their fourth-quarter results, surpassing expectations for both active users and subscribers. The company reported that the number of monthly active users […]
January 31, 2023

German Companies Eyeing Layoffs in Silicon Valley as Opportunity to Recruit Top Talent

German companies are seeing the recent layoff announcements from Silicon Valley tech giants as an opportunity to recruit top talent in the face of a tight […]
January 28, 2023

Elliott Management Corp to Nominate Director Candidates at Salesforce

Elliott Management Corp, the activist investment firm known for shaking things up at companies they invest in, has reportedly set its sights on Salesforce. According to […]
January 28, 2023

ASML: Progress Made Towards Agreement on Limitations for Exports to China

ASML Holding NV, a leading supplier to chipmakers, has reported that there seems to be progress being made towards an agreement among various governments regarding new […]
January 28, 2023

Twitter Introduces New Criteria and Appeal Process for Account Suspensions

Twitter announced on Friday that starting February 1st, users will be able to appeal account suspensions and be evaluated under the platform’s new criteria for reinstatement. […]
January 26, 2023

STMicroelectronics Exceeds Forecasted Demand in Automotive and Industrial Markets

STMicroelectronics: A Leader in the Automotive and Industrial Markets STMicroelectronics, a leading global semiconductor and electronics manufacturer, has recently announced that it has exceeded forecasted demand […]
January 23, 2023

Microsoft’s Growing Investment in OpenAI: How it’s Pushing the Boundaries of AI Development

What are OpenAI and its significance in the AI industry Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI Current and future projects of the collaboration Impact of Microsoft’s investment on […]
January 20, 2023

Intel says Italy still in the game as talks over chip plant continue

Intel’s Next Move: Why Italy is Poised to Win the Chip Plant Race As the tech industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, companies are […]
January 17, 2023

Britishvolt The Battery Storage

Britishvolt: The UK’s Answer to the Growing Demand for Battery Storage”The global demand for energy storage solutions is on the rise, and Britishvolt, a UK-based battery […]
January 17, 2023

China’s Gaming Boost In January

China’s Gaming Industry Gets a Boost with 88 Approved Games in January”The State Administration of Press and Publication (SAPP) in China made a significant move in […]
January 13, 2023

Apple Adding Touch To Mac

Apple Adding Touch Screens to Mac Computers? In recent years, Apple has been pushing the boundaries of what we expect from our computers. From the revolutionary […]
January 13, 2023

Logitech cut it’s sales forecast Q4

Logitech Cuts Sales Outlook, Shares SinkLogitech, a Swiss-based technology company that specializes in computer peripherals, recently cut its sales outlook for the quarter due to weaker-than-expected […]
January 13, 2023

Didi China App Restored Back

The Leading Ride-Hailing Apps in China IntroductionDidi Chuxing, commonly known as Didi, is a Chinese transportation company that offers a variety of ride-hailing services through its […]
September 27, 2023

Fantop Tech at Kaduna

In the heart of Nigeria’s northwestern city, Kaduna, a silent revolution is brewing, and it’s all about technology. Fantop Multiservices Ventures, a prominent member of the […]
February 11, 2023

The Rise of Automation in North American

North American companies are relying on robots more than ever before to meet the demands of their factories and warehouses. With an 11% increase in robot […]